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ok here's mine

Posted by she_died 
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ok here's mine
August 28, 2010 03:26PM
Check out my desktop on the live edition of Topaz:

e17 (screensaver below heh)

What's not showing is the drop down console 'yeahconsole'. I use shade right toggle for the right window and shade left for that terminal. So if I have to go to the restroom, with a keybind I press '|' and they both shade to look like '|' on each side. of the screen.

One conky shows want ads and the other instance below it monitors resources; as you can see it's too close to max for comfort. The browser takes up most of swap.The screensaver runs in a narrow window.

Replaced icons with text. Always. Walls are from designchapel.com, but back in 2002, they didn't have widescreen then. Only the black one was a breeze. Pager is on the top right hand corner. It's a 4x1 layout, and the fourth I reserve for doing root-stuff, but most of the time the yeahconsole drop-down is all I need for that.

Did you check out the snow torture pack yet in e17-stuff.org ?
Re: ok here's mine
September 20, 2010 09:50AM
I hang out frequently at deviantArt.com or dA for short. They award Daily Deviations and I saw these two that came out. I fired up gimp and voilá! One possible wall for illume

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Re: ok here's mine
October 08, 2010 12:45AM
This one is from my laptop