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comments on fresh install

Posted by catweazle 
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comments on fresh install
December 11, 2007 05:44AM
So i installed the developer version and played a little bit with it. Here is some feedback :

Nice distro. It is fast (although 32 bit on my amd64x2 3800+ box where i also have ubantu 64 bit and had gentoo 64 bit on).

I could not change the size of the window titles. Maybe i have not found the conf tool.

Bc, Oxine and Xdialog did not start.

I also could not find the tool to change the screen resolution.

Xsane immediately recognised my epson all-in-one Stylus Photo RX640 (out of the box). The printer part runs as well with little effort (download pipslite rpm from epson-avasys; converted to .deb with alien and dpkg; i found eplite.ppd that made the printer working with correct colors; the epson driver from gutenprint 5.1.3 works on my 64 bit distros but has a green haze and uses too much ink). This was a big surprise for me.

Cinelerra is starting fast. Here I see a difference between 64 bit under ubantu or gentoo and 32 bit of elive in the real time rendering during playback (seems normal to me and nothing to do with the distro as such).

No issues with my nvidia graphics card. 3-d with the nvidia driver was installed out of the box : nice !

Is there a 64 bit version planned ?

Oh, i apoligize for the work around for hackuna matata.