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kernel and nvidia

Posted by klamath 
kernel and nvidia
July 12, 2009 12:21AM
the drivers nvidia-kernel- does not works
Installed kernel and nvidia-kernel- and at reboot
at init 5, X does not starts
Had to install nvidia drivers from nvidia.com via consolle and it worked

My card is nvidia GeForce GTS 250
nvidia packages curently installed on my pc are :

hi nvidia-glx 177.80-2 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
hi nvidia-kernel- 177.80-2+40.Elive NVIDIA binary kernel module for Linux 2.6.26
ii nvidia-kernel- 177.80-2+1.0.Elive NVIDIA binary kernel module for Linux 2.6.27
ii nvidia-kernel- 180.44-2+10.Elive NVIDIA binary kernel module for Linux 2.6.29
ii nvidia-kernel-common 20080825+1 NVIDIA binary kernel module common files
ii nvidia-kernel-source 177.80-2 NVIDIA binary kernel module source
ii nvidia-settings 173.14.09-1 Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driv
ii nvidia-xconfig 1.0+20080522-2 The NVIDIA X Configuration Tool
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