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Google Earth install .. how?

Posted by pikey 
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Google Earth install .. how?
December 08, 2007 06:42AM
Hello all ... new user here, using the new unstable version!

Most impressed so far, working very well for me .. despite the missing bits!
Anyway I've been trying to install GooglEarth and having a struggle with it!
I used Synaptic to get the package ... then using in the menu > system > X-Terminal as root ... navigating to /usr/bin .. then running 'make-googleearth-package' ... unfortunately this doesn't work!

root@Elive[/usr/bin]# make-googleearth-package

--22:34:35-- [dl.google.com]
=> `GoogleEarthLinux.bin'
Resolving dl.google.com...

Connecting to dl.google.com||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
22:34:35 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Could not download Google Earth! (You may need to use --url or --file)


thats the error above ... can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong! .. or indeed if this is broken in some way ... Thanks in advance folks!!
Re: Google Earth install .. how?
December 09, 2007 11:05PM
Seems that currently the download link is off.
When it is online again try it again.
You can also manually install it, if you have the file like GoogleEarthLinux.bin.

Just in a terminal cd to the download and do

chmod a+x GoogleEarthLinux.bin

and after that


one by one followed with enter, it is not necessarily to do it with synaptic.
Re: Google Earth install .. how?
December 11, 2007 01:29AM
Hi .. thanks for the above instructions! .. it worked fine!

I was expecting an icon to appear somewhere but it didn't .. and it took me a while to work out how to put Googleearth in my favorites and which was the executable to use ... !, but I got there in the end. For some reason the 'run command' doesn't recognize Googleearth either so I can't run it from there!

I'm still learning .. LOL ... so thanks again for the help !