Repo's out of date?, Gimp 2.4
March 08, 2008 04:42PM
Hi i'm pretty new to elive. I ran ubuntu for a long time so i'm not a complete n00b in debian... I looked around a bit and saw that gimp 2.2 was install, i did a update and after that an upgrade. I was still in GIMP 2.2 :( I added the ubuntu repo and apt won't donwload the packages file...
(deb [] gutsy main restricted universe multiverse)
Are the repo's out of date and where can i find the up-to-date ones?

Re: Repo's out of date?, Gimp 2.4
May 08, 2008 12:17AM
Repos aren't out off date.. plz read Debian policy about new stuff against reliable soft. Yes i am installed couple things uptodated things - and i must agree they are unstable - so i prefer as is - only nice working things even if they are old.