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Skype problem?

Posted by jmnavarre 
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Skype problem?
March 14, 2008 01:09AM
Hello everyone!

Are you experimented this:

.- You open Skype, maintain it running, no problem.

.- Then you want to close, clicking in the top right corner (not signout, only close the dialog box of the Skype interface)

.- And after it, I can't to found the Skype! It's running, but I can't open the same instance again. I can see it using the top command in the terminal, but I can't found it! I'm using the combination of keys using "tab", but the skype don't appear in the list of applications open.

Another thing:

.- When I receive a message chat by Skype, the window open and I can to answer, no problem.

.- After it, I close the chat dialog box that I had with this user, but then, I can't open the chat dialog box again!

.- I'm forced to signout and signin again.

Of course, I installed the Skype from the repository directly, using ElPanel.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance!
Re: Skype problem?
May 18, 2008 06:32AM
Some of the newer Betas for linux can only be described as "flaky" in terms of their performance, it's not just elive that the above happens to, shortly before I dropped SLED 10 as a potential candidate for my next full time OS, Skype 1.4 had been freshly released. It did everything that you're describing there.

Seems that things haven't changed in the mean time. Which is why I simply stopped using it as the older version simply wasn't available any more. :(
Re: Skype problem?
May 23, 2008 10:41PM
Thank you by to share your experience.
Following your comments, I can understand that this is a problem of Skype, but I was testing the exactly same version that I'm using in another Debian running Gnome dektop and the all functionality of the Skype are working very well. Did you test it?

I was doing test in e16 and there the problem related to close the Skype window don't exist because e16 have a "system tray" ( I dont remember the right name in linux in this moment) similar to gnome and I can to found my Skype. I don't remember to test about to open a chat for a contact and after to close it and to check if I can comeback to open the chat with this contact again. In e17 it's not possible.

Taking in count your comment I'll continue investigating this issue, because Skype a very good source of communication for me.
I'll posted any news.