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Multitrack recorder?

Posted by badmotor 
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Multitrack recorder?
May 22, 2008 10:19AM
Hi all - I have just wandered into this forum, and am loving the look of elive. Just wanting to know if there is a mulitrack recorder for audio that can be used with it? I used to use Ardour with Ubuntu and Linux mint.

Keen on installing this emosmile
Re: Multitrack recorder?
June 08, 2008 04:55PM
Do a search in Synaptic. If Ardour is not in there I'm sure you can find something.
Re: Multitrack recorder?
July 09, 2008 06:49AM
Shure ardour should be in there, if you want to use audio apps you could install also:
hydrogen,zynaddsubfx,amsynth and vkeydb, lmms, freebirth, audacity, rezound,terminatorx or whatever.
I installed them without problems and they worked without problems just be shure you set qjackctl right.
I tried other audiolinux distro's but but Elive-Gem rocks for that.

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