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Google Desktop for Linux

Posted by jmnavarre 
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Google Desktop for Linux
May 23, 2008 10:55PM
Hello everyone!

Are you was testing Google Desktop for Linux in Elive?
I was first installing it in Debian with Gnome desktop with not much expectative, but I was surprising that apparently, until now, his performance and results to search and found files by any word in the filename or inside the file are working very well.

But, I until now, I can't to do work Google Desktop in Elive running e17. The service /opt/google/desktop/bin/gdl_service --Verbose=FATAL is not working.
In Gnome desktop you can to found the following services working very very well:

/opt/google/desktop/bin/gdl_box start

including the service mentioned before.

I'll continue investigating the reasons to discover why Google Desktop is not working in Elive e17, and in the mean time any contribution or comment will be appreciate a lot.
[SOLVED] Re: Google Desktop for Linux
May 24, 2008 02:52AM
Hello everyone.

I must to recognize that I was focusing my attention in the wrong way. I was concentrate in to error message: "...error while loading shared libraries: libgdl.so: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory... " and not in the functionality of the product (well, google desktop for linux must to increase their documentations), and the solution I founded in the Internet:

When I run the command "gdlinux" in the terminal of Elive e17 appear a welcome page to agree with the use of the software and after it I was able to click twice crtl and the quick google desktop bar appear to resolve my problem about to find files and documents inside my computer.

Apparently this piece of software is working very well, and my interest in to use it was based mainly because the current search engine in Elive is not enough very well according my needs. I'm testing another tools too (external sources), but by the moment I don't have enough information to give a comments about it.

At the moment Google Desktop for Linux, as well, Google Picasa for Linux are working very well (with some few details in Picasa, but nothing critical).