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Posted by rhomp2002 
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August 31, 2008 01:34PM
Don't know if it is coincidence or causality but when I installed Opera because of some things I had there in other distros, Iceweasel can no longer work. Everytime I try to bring up Iceweasel, i get an error with no error message. I thought maybe it was an internet problem but Icedove worked fine. Opera also works fine and when I click on an item in an email, it shows up on Opera. This started as soon as I installed Opera. I did nothing to mark Opera as being the preferred browser and when I click on the web browser in the tray it tries to bring up Iceweasel. Very confusing. All I want is the ability to use both iceweasel for some things and Opera for other things.
Re: Iceweasel/Opera
September 25, 2008 05:18AM
You could try to completely remove Iceweasel and then reinstall it.
You can also try to install iceweasel locally (in your home directory) that will probably work for sure or try firefox 3.