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Elive 1.9.10 and compiz

Posted by jtouso 
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Elive 1.9.10 and compiz
October 17, 2008 07:29AM
Just downloaded Elive 1.9.10: excellent!
I am using an ATI 9550 (with ati or radeon open source driver) and glxinfo says direct rendering:yes (it means graphic acceleration). With other live distros based on ubuntu, I can install compiz and it works perfect.
I try to install compiz with synaptic and it install ok but...when I try to run compiz it is not possible (something like xgl not present and also blacklist graphic chart)
What is happens? Why if elive is based on debian I can run compiz?
I know about echomorph but I am asking for compiz.
Re: Elive 1.9.10 and compiz
December 21, 2008 05:43AM
Enlightenment and Compiz are both Desktop managers, you can't run Compiz on top of Enlightenment. I haven't tried, but if you were to remove E and replace it with standard Gnome, Compiz would work. Sounds dumb though, since eLive is built on E...
Re: Elive 1.9.10 and compiz
December 24, 2008 11:36AM
you might check this one then