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themes and encoding

Posted by teliparas 
themes and encoding
January 19, 2009 04:28AM
i m new to elive (just come from debian)
i like the feel of elive but i have one litle problem
my country is greece (iso-8859-7)
when i have the greek as the default language on my system then the greek caracters appears as squears (something like chinese idea )
when the default language is english then all caracters appers ok
all this hapen when i use the elive theme
if i use the default e17 theme illumine then everything appears ok but it is to ugly
i suppose that it is matter of theme

anyway is there anything that i can do to repear this so that i m able to see greeks caracters ok on my elive

ps i have the same problem with themes from get-e and exchange
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