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Posted by foxbunny 
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March 13, 2009 07:55AM
I have installed eLive on my laptop, and I'm looking for a way to install and run SCIM.

The packages for SCIM are installed properly using Synaptic, but I can't seem to find a way to start SCIM when Enlightenment is started.

Resources on SCIM on eLive, and Debian as well, are scarse, so googling around didn't help much.

I've tried starting scim manually from terminal (by typing "scim -d"), and it resulted in a SCIM tray icon, but no functionality. Pressing the default Ctrl+Space doesn't switch to SCIM, and left-clicking the tray icon doesn't show a list of available input methods.
Re: scim
March 13, 2009 10:18PM
Ok, it was MUCH easier than I thought... emosmile

For anyone looking for the solution:

1. Summon up the e-menu (left-click on the desktop)
2. Go to Settings > Settings Panel
3. Open `Language` tab
4. Open `Input Method Settings`
5. Select SCIM
6. Click `OK`

これでE17でも日本語が入力できます (^_^)