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Banshee vs. aTunes: An Opinion

Posted by down8ve 
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Banshee vs. aTunes: An Opinion
August 27, 2009 09:10PM
I'm a music professor, so listening to music on my PC is quite important. Audacious is OK, but I want something a bit easier.

I had thought Banshee would be the best music application for my needs, but I've replaced it with aTunes. The reason I did so was due to distortion when Bashee played AAC files, most likely due to some codec dependency it uses that aTunes does not.

If you have no AAC files Banshee may be a petter solution, however the installation of a newer version (not in Synaptic) is not easy.

Since aTunes uses java (make sure you use Sun's version, as found in Elive) it uses its own interface settings that does not fit in with other apps very well. There are also some "clunkiness" in adjusting things like equalizer settings.

aTunes is also very easy to install. A deb package is available on their website. Download it, right-click in the folder to open a terminal, log in as root (su) with your root password, and then run dpkg -i <aTunes package name>.deb. Installs in 5 seconds.
Re: Banshee vs. aTunes: An Opinion
August 28, 2009 12:02AM
Thanks down8ve , just a comment , not believe that " aTunes" is very heavy.


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Re: Banshee vs. aTunes: An Opinion
January 11, 2010 06:57AM
OK, it's ben a few months, and I'm back to trying 1.9.56.

I have the latest Songbird installed (simple extract into my home directory) and it works well. Perhaps I should extract it to /opt for all users, but it's OK for now.

As far as CD extraction goes with Sound Juicer, seems like the AAC (faac) and MP3 options are not usable. They show in the gnome settings, but perhaps they are not installed. Will check when I get home.