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Messenger Apps

Posted by nene 
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Messenger Apps
October 01, 2009 04:07AM
Hi friends,

I've been running eLive 1.9.4x for a few weeks now, and been extremely happy since moving from Fedora 11.
The Audacity app no longer crashes like it used to....but onto another favorite topic of mine:

What are folks using for Messenger application?

1. The default Pidgin seems to be old, and no longer able to login to Yahoo. Found various posts about changing the connection server from 'scs.msg.yahoo.com' to an IP Address, which I tried, and in all events was unable to connect.

2. Gyachi, which I usually like because it has good webcam support, does not install on eLive.

3. Even tried Kopete for a couple of days, and it too can't seem to connect to Yahoo.

When I try to update to a new Pidgin by compiling the source, it complains it can't find 'glibc 2.0'.
Right now out of options. What are folks running, and how did they get it running?

Thank you.
Re: Messenger Apps
October 01, 2009 04:38AM
How about installing glibc from the repos? hot smiley

I'm using psi for instant messaging.
Works nice. But I've never tried making it work with a webcam.

Sorry for not being very helpful!

Re: Messenger Apps
October 01, 2009 06:49AM
Thanks Alex for the quick reply.
According to my Synaptics package manager, I have 'libglib2-0-0' version 2.16.6-2 installed, so the libraries are there.
I also show that I have gtk2 version 2.1.4.
I don't believe it is an issue with the Operating System.

When attempting to run './configure' from Gyachi 1.1.71 source, I get the error:
checking for GTK2... no
configure: using depricated gtk_tooktips. Recommend updating gtk to version 2.12 or later
checking for GTK2... no
configure: error: gtk version 2.4 or later is required

I'll keep checking where I can go from here.

- nelson
Re: Messenger Apps
October 01, 2009 10:28PM
Try installing the *-dev libraries, too!
Re: Messenger Apps
October 17, 2009 05:10AM
Finally after a few days of really trying it out, I found something that worked.

- Downloaded the source for pidgin 2.6.3 from:

- Also found good directions on building at the following site:

- Because I'm using linux-image, I got the source package from Synaptics manager for this kernel release.

- I also installed the following libraries using Synaptics, along with some other ones that were not mentioned as they were installed based on dependencies of the ones here mentioned:

- Building command:
./configure --disable-vv
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

- Running pidgin from command line:
pidgin &

- You can also find the launcher that is installed in "right mouse button click -> Internet -> Messenger Pidgin"

Thanks everyone for your help.

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Re: Messenger Apps
October 17, 2009 07:41AM
I could install gyachi1.48 on elive with full success and functional.I noticed that the apps for ubuntu hardy or ibex have the most chances to work on elive too.Don't try those ones for jaunty or even sid.

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Re: Messenger Apps
October 19, 2009 05:09PM
stanca Wrote:

> I noticed that the apps for ubuntu hardy or ibex have the most chances to work
> on elive too.Don't try those ones for jaunty or even sid.

Whoa bro! You do know that Elive is based on Debian and not Ubuntu. Different deb's. It would be like installing RH rpm's in SUSE. It might work, then again it might not -- and in a very bad way. Like crossing grains while drinking alcohol, it may be fun at the time but come the next day that hangover can be a doozy!