November 07, 2009 09:28PM

Wow. Think this may really be the first real video editor for the masses in linux? Anyone try this in Elive?
Re: Openshot?
January 16, 2010 05:15AM
It looks nice, but I have a problem with dependencies because it ask for libavcodec in a newer version than the one we have with Elive... :(
I don't know if it's easily fixable?



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Re: Openshot?
March 20, 2010 06:54AM
Going to try building openshot from source later on Elive, I was using it on Ubuntu and it is a MUST HAVE for any video editor on Linux. If I get a package built I will post it.

Re: Openshot?
March 20, 2010 09:52PM

That would be terrific! I attempted to do something similar with their Builder Wizard, but had snags.
Re: Openshot?
April 06, 2010 06:20AM
OK, I tried using Openshot's builder wizard. I selected Ubuntu 8.04 on one try, then 8.10 on the other in oder to see if it would pull in the needed dependencies. MLT always resulted in a failure. Too bad that we have these problems to deal with, although I notice OpenGNU is moving to Debian Testing, so perhaps our luck will turn out better there.