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MP3 with Sound Juicer (1.9.52)

Posted by sonik 
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MP3 with Sound Juicer (1.9.52)
January 07, 2010 08:37PM
i am having a problem to get mp3 output for Soundjuicer activated. Was very simple in Ubuntu. The lame libs dont seem to be there?
Thanks in advance
Re: MP3 with Sound Juicer (1.9.52)
January 11, 2010 11:24AM
I'm on 1.9.56, and AAC and MP3 do not show in Sound Juicer's import prefs. They do show in Gnome's settings when you edit these settings within Sound Juicer, lame and faac are installed, but they don't seem to be recognized.
Re: MP3 with Sound Juicer (1.9.52)
January 15, 2010 08:25AM
so what i did is an update to 1.9.55, installation screwed up grub and made my ubuntu-partition inaccessible.
As i had a lot other problems (e.g. no more reaction on mouseclicks for 1 minute every 5-10 minutes, suspend didnt work at all) i decided to try the stable version. I donated, and deception was even bigger. No Wlan, resolution of 800x600 and no way to change, so i went back to a more popular version (opensuse) with bigger community. I need my computer for work and elive didnt work for me in a reliable manner. i will come back every once in a while and see the evolution, but in the moment elive is a no go.