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aTunes 2.0 RC

Posted by down8ve 
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aTunes 2.0 RC
March 24, 2010 08:47PM
I've been using the release candidate for aTunes 2.0. Easily installable as a .deb, it seems to import well enough and work. Those of you looking for a more complete player may wish to try it.

    [*] Download the aTunes 2.0 .deb package from the aTunes web site
    [*] Open Downloads folder
    [*] right-click in folder to bring up a terminal window
    [*] tyoe in "su"
    [*] type in your root or admin password
    [*] type in dpkg -i *.deb (be sure there are no other .deb packages in there, as this command installs every .deb package in a folder. (Delete this one after installation to avoid this problem later)
    [*] You're done, close all those windows. aTunes is in your "Sound" menu
Re: aTunes 2.0 RC
April 09, 2010 10:38AM