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Deleted post - can we update to Squeeze repositories?

Posted by Gera 
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Deleted post - can we update to Squeeze repositories?
May 10, 2011 02:25AM
A couple weeks ago I write a post asking about updating Elive repositories to Squeeze. I had no answer, and moreover, the topic was deleted! What happened? I know that nobody has an obligation to answer my question, it's a forum!, but delete topics without saying anything is too bad for me!

Well, asking again, anybody knows if it's possible update the repositories to Squeeze ones? Is there any conflict?


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Re: Deleted post - can we update to Squeeze repositories?
May 19, 2011 02:26AM

I used to do this; I still use the live version of topaz. So if anything breaks, the next reboot will bring me back to where I was. Depending on the app I am trying out, sooner or later, the fragile ecosystem will break if I continue to use squeeze.

There is an old post somewhere here from Thana that advises against using squeeze. It's like voiding the warranty. If you are working on an installed Elive, and it breaks, you get to keep the pieces. Unless you've made a good backup recently.

Plus I think debian has updated recently.