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Customising Thunar?

Posted by az_s_za 
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Customising Thunar?
September 24, 2007 03:29PM

Thunar can look quite nice when customised

So how do you customise Thunar?

I love its features and speed, but would like some better looking icons.
Re: Customising Thunar?
October 06, 2007 08:33PM
sorry its took so long to get back to you now this is not official but works for me 1st open thunar click on view location selector toolbar style that gives you the buttons.Then you need to down load gnome art with synaptics go into file system open usr, then open bin, scroll down till you find gnome art, double click when it opens click on art, scroll to desktop themes aplications wait till it downloads all the themes. choose theme you like and then install this will open gnome theme manager click on theme details check if theme is displayed double click on theme and it should change, if you want to change icons close gnome art and reopen and follow earlier step to download icons. close everything you opened.now open Elive panel click on icon on left, click on E17 click on top left icon, this opens the gtk theme manager click ok on warning message. the icon theme manager will open, you will find any theme or icon you imported will be displayed click on your new theme press apply and it will change, the icons are not always complete sets but some are when you change icons you get a preveiw of the icon as with the theme with the icons press apply on icon theme then apply on main theme manager. you now should have a new theme. I use Green Heart as it goes with gthulhain theme, left click on screen configaration, theme selecter i use this one as it gives transparent icons on my desktop you can also move them and resize them to suit you so their you go. thats how i do it you can now remove or keep gmome art, as the themes are now imported into E17 or as i do leave it their. As i said at the begining this is not oficial but works for me with no problem hope this helps
Re: Customising Thunar?
October 07, 2007 11:30AM
Thanks for getting back to me.
No worries about the timing... this is not a big issue, just playing with eye candy when we have time.

This is a very detialed and well written tutorial.
Unfortunately, I get stuck here:

choose theme you like and then install this will open gnome theme manager
I choose a theme, it downloads, but Gnome Theme Manager does not open. I would have opened it myself, but I don't seem to have an app' with this name, and don't see it in synaptic either?
Re: Customising Thunar?
October 08, 2007 08:07AM
its called gnome theme manager should have been included with gnome art, i think its called gnome control center, in synaptic, did you press download or install for your theme, as install is what opens the theme manager just a thought, if you still get problems you know where i am, i try hard to make things as simple as i can as i'm dyslexic and sometimes find things hard to follow,
Re: Customising Thunar?
January 11, 2015 08:30PM
it is known as gnome topic supervisor needs to have been incorporated with gnome artwork, i do believe it is known as gnome manage core, throughout synaptic, did an individual click acquire or perhaps put in for ones topic, while put in is actually exactly what unwraps your topic supervisor just a believed, if you still acquire troubles you know where by my business is, my partner and i test difficult for making points while simple when i could while i'm dyslexic and occasionally locate points difficult to visit,,,,,,

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