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Netflix on Elive

Posted by eduardoandrevian 
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Netflix on Elive
March 20, 2015 09:45AM

I'm testing Elive Beta and I think it's an amazing distro, but I'm having issues while trying to watch videos on Netflix, even with the latest version of Google Chrome installed on the system.

When Netflix became native on linux, various distros had to upgrade some libraries, in order to make the system compatible with Netflix protected content (DRM), so I think Elive is still with the old versions of these libraries. Am I wright? If so, how can I upgrade the system to make Elive capable of playing Netflix streaming content?

Thanks for your attention.


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Re: Netflix on Elive
May 03, 2015 02:54AM
Unfortunately it's the same for me eyepoping
I wanted to use an old version of Elive on P8 PackardBell but can not install the new version of Google Chrome

I wanted to use it only for that viewing NetFlix
Re: Netflix on Elive
May 03, 2015 11:26PM
I had no issues while installing the latest version of Google Chrome in the latest Beta version of Elive. The problem is that, even thought Google Chrome is running ok, the old libraries mentioned above is still preventing netflix content to be played on the system. Why so?????

Please guys, make it possible for Elive users to get in touch with the latest technologies available for Linux users.