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Included Apps

Posted by Cupid Stunt 
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Included Apps
October 06, 2007 06:40AM
Sorry to ask this but as a complet newbie and not having ever installed Linux before...

Are the video editing apps included in the CD download or are they planned to be released on the Bonus CD ?

Re: Included Apps
October 06, 2007 08:45PM
they are on mine
Re: Included Apps
February 12, 2015 02:06PM
i don't think they will work but Elives own certainly do i have 7 on my desktop left click on screen configaration panel scroll down modules setting d click and you will then find them. click on the ones you want click apply to each one if you want to move the and resize them right click on one cick edit. if you want them tranparent. check out custumising thunar in this section.
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