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Bonus Disks

Posted by wicus 
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Bonus Disks
March 31, 2009 11:09PM
3 Questions"

1) Can the bonus disks for the Elive Gem v1 also be installed on the compiz version ?

2) Is the compiz version only a liveCD version or a full installable image ?

3) Will there be an option to upgrade the Gem1 version to the latest compiz version should it become a production version, or will you have to re-install ?
Re: Bonus Disks
April 04, 2009 07:56PM
To answer my own questions from my own tests :

1) no - The bonus disks is only for the Gem 1.0 version - that is without the compiz look and feel

2) Full installable image - better hardware detection than the Gem1.0 version, but currently in a development release

3) Still testing this, but this will probably break the bonus disks