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Works on Aspire One!

Posted by ElonGlasb. 
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Works on Aspire One!
April 10, 2009 10:59PM
Just some feedback, I have done a install (elive_1.9.25-compiz_unstable) on a aspire (the one with 8gb ssd), it seems to work inclusive mic,webcam,sound,network as well wifi etc, well everything in fact.

Just there are some little issues, to mention network isn't allways loaded (the wired for example is sometimes not loaded and if not, it just don't load while trying to activate, it isn't the network itself, another comp. starts it on the same router)

Further while boating it stops at the screensettings for 30 seconds (enter space passes by) it is also a bit sluggy, I guess it isn't optimized to run with ssd (don't know) with the bootup manager you can deactivate some unnesserary services so I deactivated for now cups and bluetooth.

For info in top it gives 3 zombies:
"cat defunct"
"su defunct"
"iwconfig defunct"
Dunno wich processes make them come up for example I'm typing this from the aspire one now with network function so it doesn't really bother.

Also compiz runs but without the cube rotation effect, readed about ecsm but it doesn't come up (unknown command).

Also google earth complains about too small screen, I read in another forum that that can be fit to add a virtual sizes into /etc/X11/xorg.config but did try it, but seemed to mess up X, maybe someone knows how to fix this, if please post it would be nice to know, also if someone knows more tips to optimize elive on the aspire one, it really looks cool!
Re: Works on Aspire One!
April 12, 2009 12:20AM
Ok, to reply to myself, I found that cube rotation can be turned on in settings settings panel ecomorph, weather it turns the aspire one a bit to its maximal capacity so I wouldn't advice it.

Another about Google earth, I had succes with a older variant without changing something in xorg.config I used version:4.2.0205.5730 build nov 13 2007
this on works fine (newer isn't always better) so if you have a older version somewhere, better use that (without upgrading offcourse).