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download Opera 10 flush IceWeasel

Posted by Vincente 
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download Opera 10 flush IceWeasel
September 03, 2009 11:48AM
New to linux, stumbling as I go. I figured out how to download and install Opera (far superior browser to IceWeasel) and contrary to what they try to tell you, IceWeasel and FireFox are NOT the same, did a side by side and IceWeasel's search results poorer and many sites could not open whereas FF did, but Opera 10 beats them all. Is there anyway to remove IceWeasel and designate Opera as default browser? Also, how do I put the Opera Icon in the center bottom shelf in place of the IceWeasel icon?

I also find apt-get seems not at all to work in E17 Compiz and Synaptic is really limited as what it shows as available to download and install over synaptic in other linux distros. Has this synaptic been edited/slimmed down to accomodate special E17-compiz use? Thanks for anticipated response.....

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Re: download Opera 10 flush IceWeasel
September 07, 2009 01:26AM
I have to disagree with you about Opera but with that being said I wanted to give you a clue about using the package manager, if you haven't done so refresh before trying to find apps! I also noted this that the list was very limited but after the refresh it worked well just like any other distro. Adding an icon for your browser is easy as well just left click on desktop and select settings and then select settings panel then go to the apps and select IBar Applications you will find your way from there . Hope this helps.