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Very Nice

Posted by garwal 
Very Nice
September 07, 2009 09:16AM
I like this new release very much and when all the bugs are out it will be great. I have tried every distro over the years and I think this is one of the best. One of the things I noted and am having a hard time figuring out is why there is no way of seeing running apps after they are launched and minimized? I typically see that problem in Gnome with things like Skype but this distro will not show a lot of apps such as lastfm and several others. I have placed systom monitor in the apps panel so I can use that to shut down apps that are sleeping and I have no control of them. But I see no way to get to the icon dir and pick a icon for this app? I know much of this is my inexperience with E so if you have solutions for how to resolve this please give me a clue. Thanks again for a wonderful distro and I will continue to support your efforts with E.
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