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Some help please

Posted by papijorge 
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Some help please
September 08, 2009 10:32AM
Hello all, first time post and an elive noob so please, bear with me.

I have installed v1.9.42 and for the most part it seems ok except for a couple of things.

First, some of the keys on my keyboard wont type but will cause the text box to blink., some of them are E,R,T,N....the interesting thing is if i hit shift they work fine, cap and lower case. I have a logitech MX5500 keyboard, went through the menus, selected US and most variants of it and did the console too but nether console nor regular apps will work correctly. Thoughts?

Next, when i launch the elpanel, and click on things form within it, sometimes a box will appear with unreadable text and lines, anyone see this?

Can compiz be installed on top of the regular version as that one is more stable?

thanks all

Re: Some help please
September 14, 2009 03:26AM
some more details

i have moved to a wired keyboard and mouse, tried different keyboard types, inlcuding generic entries but the problem persists.

what is interesting, all keys work fine at the login screen and nurse mode but once i log in, about 30% stop working (flashing text box).

please help

thank you