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Compiz doesn't work wih geforce mx 440

Posted by lobisome 
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Compiz doesn't work wih geforce mx 440
November 25, 2011 11:58PM
hi everyone!

I got elive 1.9.61 installed on my hd and simply love it. but i have one question: on my old debian-based distro compiz worked fine, jelly windows, shades and cube. really nice and fluent. on elive everytime i try to get ecomorph running it doesn't work: when i move a window it doesn't move with mouse, simply redraw where i release the left button, when i close a window it takes too long and animation seems like a 90's gif!

i'm using nvidia 96 driver, 16bit colour depth, 1280x1024. without ecomorph everything goes fine. i don't remember what driver was using my old linux , probably the nouveau driver. is there any possibility to get ecomorph running with nvidia driver or should i try nouveau? is this driver going to be included in near future so we can avoid compiling it?

my pc is an amd athlon xp 1150mhz (don't know exact model) with 1,5 gb ram.

thanks in advance