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keyboard problem

Posted by andrej 
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keyboard problem
December 20, 2007 04:03AM
Hello im new to elive distribution. First i have to say this is the most beautiful and sleak linux distro i have found. clap :P so keep up the good work. The second thing is that i have a keyboard problem on my dell latitude d600. I have a slovenian keyboard and i see that slovenian language is perfectly supported as far as i looked in the menus. But there is a problem as soon as i start to type something nothing can be done because only 5 to 7 keys are working (didnt count) but when i select english language keyboard works perfectly but then the layout of keys are not rigth and i cant use then special letters wich are in my language. I did notice at boot screen some kind of keyboard error and will post the picture later. Anyway does someone know how to fix this problem? Its wery anoying because i must guess where are the symbols as in slovenian layout are not on the same places like in english layout (?!$%^ etc...)

Thank you for any assistance and sorry for my bad english wink