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"No screen found"

Posted by krakopince 
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"No screen found"
December 30, 2007 08:47PM
hi there emosmile

I tried the live cd this morning (beta version) because I encounter lots of problems with nvidia drivers on Ubuntu ... [ubuntuforums.org]

So when I try to boot the live CD in default mode, no matter what which resolution I choose, I run into a nice "No screens found" ... and then I'm at command prompt.

Any idea ? emosmile

Re: "No screen found"
January 22, 2008 06:58PM
In liveCD, there is an option to configure the video 'on the go'. IIRC if you pick 'graphic problems' upon boottime, you can set the resolution (and even the driver) manually afterwards. Be prepared to set resolution and choose the graphics driver; you could start at a low resolution first, or choose them based on the last known settings. It takes you thru several screens asking for the make and model of the monitor, etc.