HP dv6113us notebook with Elive 1.5 update
February 09, 2008 08:54AM
Very nice. I want to cronical how well this new, unstable version of elive works for my notebook. I will identify what works and what does not. So far, pretty complete.

Hardware first. I see no major problems at all.
Video is excellent. Loaded without a hitch (unlike elive Gem 1.0, which would not load unless I used vesa). It is fast to. Trying glxgears with my nvidia 6150 integrated video, I crank out about 2400fps! That is compared to ubuntu 7.10 at 1700fps. Even my desktop system with ubuntu 6.10 and an ati9500pro is about 2500fps. Excellent.
Audio works great. Video and sound files play well. Sound looks wonderful. No problems. And it has greater volume than the geubuntu I have used.
Wireless works. I have a broadcom 4311 (also seen on some systems as a dell1390). I used network-admin and configured my wep and it works. I will test further the speed and see how solid it is.
Usb auto detect works great. Reads my usb-microsd reader and external usb harddrive perfectly.
Front audio headphone port works great. Very loud.
Audio mute and up and down volume buttons work. Mute does not go amber when muted, but it seems to function.
Suspend works well also.
I cannot test hibernate, dvd playback, and dvd burning, until I can install.
As far as software, most things are there.
Battery gauge is present and seems to work correctly.
Temperature shows a pretty steady 35-45 degrees C. Much better than on some of my other distros I have tried.
Iceweasel works well, including flash and mplayer, although some of the mplayer videos were displaying an image that was too big for the available window, and the audio on these videos was a little out of sync.

I would like to see better fonts on the iceweasel. Some were very coppy and not smooth at all. (However the fonts on your site look great.)
I would like to have applets in the toolbar (or shelves) for minimizing all windows, a audio volume control, and a cpu-speed-policy applet.

There is an error message when the system boots up but I cannot remember what it said. Something about a module erroring and it wanted to know if I wanted to unload it.

Great job. I look forward to helping more and to the next release.