Booting from pcmcia cdrom problem
February 15, 2008 05:31AM
I am trying to run Elive on an old Sony N505VE with an external pcmcia cdrom drive (PCGA-CD51). It boots into the initial screen with all of the boot options, so the BIOS is set up correctly. However, when I instruct it to run (default, failsafe, whatever) I don't think the live CD knows how to recognize the external CDROM drive. The specific error I get is
Unifing: base ls: /DSSCD/cdrom/xserver: No such file or directory
ls: /DSSCD/cdrom/deliver: No such file or directory
Something went wrong with the image mounting
It then proceeds to drop me into busybox. The part saying that something went wrong with the image mounting suggests that the system doesn't know how to get to the pcmcia drive to get the files. An ls of DSSCD yields
base     cdrom     overall
but doing ls of all of those reveals empty folders. Have I identified the problem correctly? If so, how do I get it to recognize the pcmcia drive. If not, what is the real /problem and how do I go about fixing it?

Thank's in advance for helping!