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Graphic issue

Posted by Nawaxo 
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Graphic issue
April 10, 2008 06:25AM
Hello everyone.
I'm using an Acer 6720 Laptop with ATI Monility Radeon X2500 HyperMemory. I had to choose FGLRX driver to avoid a no screen found bug. Sometimes the screen flickers, and when I chose to shut down the live cd I got to an empty, black and white dotted screen and had to force a reboot. Can this be solved? This doesn't happen always. I am currently using Ubuntu with no problems on screen related issues, but would very much like to switch to elive.
Also, is it normal that the live cd doesn't automatically use my DHCP connection?
Re: Graphic issue
April 19, 2008 09:41PM
Disregard that. I'm back on Ubuntu. At least I didn't have to pay and got here sending a maganize email address.