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error: vbesave --- input/output errror

Posted by azulito 
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error: vbesave --- input/output errror
May 07, 2008 09:55PM
Hi, I tried to boot the liveCD on a Xcell 2000 whit 450Mhz. 320 Mb of memory and boot ok, but when next to recognize the processor and the memory can´t continue and see this message:

you don´t have a usable SWAP partition...
osr/bin/perl:error while loading shared libraries: lib/libe.so.6: cannot read the data: input/output error.

Starting Init Process...
target filesystem doesn´t have vbesave. /bin/init: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/libe.so.6: cannot read file data: input/output error.

I tried the CD on another computer and run Ok (no problems) but when i run into this xcell no run....

please helpme I want to install Elive on it.

Re: error: vbesave --- input/output errror
May 15, 2008 01:05AM

Are you sure your drive is working fine ?