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$paid for what$

Posted by poetclown 
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$paid for what$
August 10, 2008 01:56AM
Ok im fairly new but I have installed Mint and Ubuntu before . The problem i'm having is simple ..I cant get the iso burn to do anything it asks for driver go's to next window then i get a black screen ..have tryed 10 reboots in all modes and the best i have come up with is login that wont let me use the given login info supplied .....Please help a newbie ..this looks like and awesome distro thats why against all my better judgement I paid for it ..Help Please

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Re: $paid for what$
August 11, 2008 02:58AM
Yes Im a newb ..Finally got the iso installed ..but what confusion..No internet ..tryed to config in settings and all I could find was a modem that is not even installed on this machine ..Back ti Mint again ..I wish there were more support for this Distro..I still like the look and feel but what a pain in the arse
Re: $paid for what$
September 21, 2008 09:18PM
aw..to bad..in case somebody else stumbled into this problem, try checking your physical connection
# ethtool eth0

if it say there's a link, and you're using dhcp, try
# dhclient eth0

if you're using static, set the IP and gateway. e.g: if your network address and netmask, and gateway
# ifconfig eth0 192.168.1.xx/24 up
# route add default gw up

hth and correct me if i'm wrong