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Been awhile...

Posted by revdjenk 
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Been awhile...
November 30, 2008 10:20AM
Hello, revdjenk here...
testing 1.9.18 in live mode.

I have a Dell m1330 and its wifi controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN Network Connection (rev 61)

I mention this, because this does not work in live mode (and most distros handle this in live mode)...yet it was the ONLY hardware not detected...
...and I can't get very far in virtualbox, having tried all the graphic mode choices...at some point in the boot process, the screen goes blank (and the debug attempts just crash and go away).

OTHERWISE...WOW! The work that has been done since I last had elive installed on my older laptop...remember I was with elive from .3 to .5, for nearly a year (my first long-term linux installation!), when a new kernel broke my wifi (as did all distros, except pclinuxos, but that is another story.)
It still if very familiar, yet as fast and beautiful as I remember! I like that one can just drag an icon of a running app onto the shelf, and voila, it is added!
Abiword will never be my choice of word processor, but I know openoffice is available once I have a connection! But I was pleased at the selection of apps otherwise. I do like the improvement of the elf apps...and the sound was wonderful, seemingly jumping from my speakers!

I am a little disconcerted that during the initial steps of the boot I was informed that my language (english) was not an offered translation, and was informed that I do not have a swap drive (and I do!) but it IS a development version, eh?

God Bless