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Curious about Elive

Posted by Giga 
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Curious about Elive
December 11, 2008 02:43PM
Iv been looking for a mac style system for my pc for a while now and found this. I was wondering if this functions on a 64bit system. Im looking at getting one of the new I7 based machines. Does this have any issues with running gaming aps like World of Warcraft or Fall Out 3. I also run adobe and other such programs. comp will have 6g of ddr3. Im sure this is all pretty simple stuff but being new to this kind of thing it would be nice to know and get some help so I know what im getting into.
Re: Curious about Elive
December 12, 2008 10:19AM

Welcome, I feel funny answering your email as I currently do not run elive, nor are a gamer...However...I have run elive in the past, and have successfully run the current development version of elive on my 64bit Dell xps1330 laptop.
What do I expect on your i7 based system with 6g of memory? A VERY speedy system! And I am sure you will have someone to comment on the gaming potential (which may not be as easy on a mac?).
BTW, did I mention that it would be speedy?!

God Bless