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Live CD Persistence?

Posted by mjmurray 
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Live CD Persistence?
December 29, 2008 10:40PM
Hey there...

First and foremost, kudos to all those contributing to this project. Great concept and great delivery.

I have successfully used the LiveCD for several development releases, and on several computers, aside from one very old laptop it has worked everywhere I've tried it...

I have successfully (using unetbootin) created a bootable USB version as well, and am very pleased with the results, however I do have a question:

Has anyone been successful in creating a Persistent USB installation of elive? I've tried a handful of things with no success including:

1. Modifying the syslinux.cfg on the USB to have each boot label be persistent, and adding either a -rw partition on the usb device or a casper-rw compressed filesystem. (both of these resulted in an error "Missing/Invalid -rw filesystem-as-a file" error.)
2. "create-usb" program, which did not like the elive ISOs...

I would love to have a persistent version of this on USB to show of to my local community and win some converts. I've seen that the web-site calls out that UnionFS is being used, and wonder if I need to be using some form of syncronization after I make modifications to the 'live' system?

Thanks in advance, and again, great product I look forward to making a donation on the next "stable" release date!

Re: Live CD Persistence?
November 21, 2009 09:11AM
Dear Mr Mj Murray
sir, i have unetbootin and i have current version of elivecd,, Kindly tell me how to make usb-bootable from the livecd.. I dont understand which file i will choose/browse from the cd.. I do not find any .iso image in the /mnt/cdrom file containing elivecd.. Please tell me what to do, which file to choose..
Re: Live CD Persistence?
February 17, 2010 10:56PM

To boot elive from an USB is easy, I have a blog entry on how to do that, it will work for any ISO you may have.

Here is a link to my blog, let me know if works.

Jose Valdivia

Let the Linux begin !!!!