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Elive E17 compiz boot problem

Posted by jolebole 
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Elive E17 compiz boot problem
February 18, 2009 08:21AM
I got a problem. I can boot in a VM in VMWare everyhting is fine, but when I try to boot on my PC from my cd drive the boot hangs to a error message. I have no idea what it is. Here's a pic. Can someone help?

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Re: Elive E17 compiz boot problem
February 18, 2009 01:12PM
Maybe the disc is damaged or bad burned, or your cd drive is failing.

Good Luck.
Re: Elive E17 compiz boot problem
March 04, 2009 07:23AM
Could be the same problem as with another topic around here about not being able to boot.

There it was said that it might not boot because of new hardware ?? hmmmm
Re: Elive E17 compiz boot problem
March 18, 2009 08:43AM
Ok this post goes a little further than the original. (Idid have that problem as well and think it was a bad burn).

This time everything boots fine with all the questions, etc, etc and then just as we are about to enter the login screen, Hang, blank screen and the theme intro music hits a hang aswell.
Now its interesting to note that the very same thing happened with 1.9.22 and 1.9.23 (the latest development releases) so I fairly cetain that its not the machine as prior to that I Had an earlier development release running like clockwork on exactly the same machine, fully installed and for a good 6 months.
I really miss my elive.
Having to beta test windows 7 as a penance :(