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BlueTooth Does not work

Posted by phillfri 
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BlueTooth Does not work
February 26, 2009 11:30AM
[Edit: Figured out how to find a bluetoo th device]Bluetooth in the latest beta (downloaded tonight - not the development version) does not work with my Dell bluetooth mouse (a Logitech bluetooth mouse in disguise that uses Logitech driver in Windows).

The LiveCD fails to load with the "toram" option. It tries to recover, but ends up in a loop, just repeating a single boot message over and over again.

Wireless works with WPA-PSK, but WEP does not work.

That's all I've got so far :>) Love this distro. If I can get it all to work and tweak the desktop the wy I want, this is going on my both my EeePC (as a dual boot with XP) and my portable USB harddrive.

EeePC 1000H, 2gb

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