Have to use default boot of Live "CD" on Eee, but that's OK
March 11, 2009 07:10PM
Hi. I am very much impressed by what I've seen of Elive (enough to donate), and I grabbed the ISO for Elive Compiz, used unetbootin, and after a false start (hint: when unetbootin says you need to install p7zip, install p7zip!), I had a bootable partition on a 2GB flash drive, all set to try out on my Eee 900A freshly upgraded to 2 GB and a much faster 32 GB SSD.

Now, when the boot menu came up, one option was to boot for Eee. I down-arrowed to it, and hit enter. Nothing happened. Tried again. Nothing happened. I ended up going to "Default", and that booted.

Now... that left me wondering whether the install would include Eee-related drivers etc., but after the install, I found that wireless works fine, and rummaging through the X log shows that it found a driver for the Intel integrated graphics. So... I post this to reassure people who see that the "Eee" specific initial boot doesn't work and are concerned, as I was. Once it's installed, all is well as far as I can see.