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install help elive compiz 1.9.22-4

Posted by mnzt42yd 
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install help elive compiz 1.9.22-4
March 23, 2009 11:35AM
wanted to install this on a dell c400 specs are 1ghz cpu intel i830m graphics 80gb hdd, ok this is what iv tried (all end insame installer says not enough free space to install elive)
i have bruned the disk twice from to seperate downloads on two seperate machines, checked and verified md5 before burn used diff cdr disks, verified burn of the disks, works perfect in live mode...
when installing iv tried ALL test1-3 as well as default, and apm=off acpi=off, as well
iv also used apt-get update eliveinstaller-4g (says current)
also tried all three options for insytalling novice - expert in each case choosing idiot proof option (default)in automated installs
disk goes through install tried both gui and dos cfdisk to partition used partition scheme sda1 and sda2, sda1 as root 70gb+ sda2 as swap(2gb)choose in each case diff file system starts copying files across after verifying disk for errors get to about 85-90% the displays following message

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
udev 10240 84 10156 1% /dev
tmpfs 517116 4 517112 1% /dev/shm
rootfs 930812 22464 908348 3% /
/dev/scd0 687260 687260 0 100% /elive/.mnt/cdrom
/dev/sda1 76160960 1900600 74260360 3% /elive/.mnt/target

anyone any ideas on how i can possibley avoid this or is there an alternitive way to install this beautifull os on a box thast just sitting doing nothing ... thanks for hopefully reading and replying to
Re: install help elive compiz 1.9.22-4
March 28, 2009 05:28AM
I'm guessing the primary partitions you have don't show up in the installer.. If you don't have anything you need to keep, just use gparted (choose the "advanced" install- option, and pick gparted for partitions), and delete the partitions you have.

Then (easiest option) create one primary partition with reiserfs at about 5Gb (on the beginning of the disk - actually, you could probably pick a larger size for the main install). And a second one (reiserfs or ext3) for the home- partition (for downloads and documents, and so on). Then hit apply.

If it starts to complain here, you can pick "device -> create partition table", and confirm. Not sure why this is a problem sometimes, but I'm guessing that if you have a number of partitions from a win- boot, the partition table could be referencing non- existing partitions..?

Close gparted, and the installer should go on to the install, letting you choose either of the new partitions for the install. Take the 5Gb partition (should be hda1 or something). After that, choose ok on "add another partition?), and hit in /home on the other partition (hda2). Then ok. Cancel the next "add another partition?" prompt, and the installer will continue.

Have a cup of coffee. Enjoy.