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Error at Boot Up

Posted by naughtymonkey 
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Error at Boot Up
August 12, 2009 02:11PM
I downloaded the Unstable Version because my laptop doesn't like many linux distros and I'm getting this error just like I get with a few others but I really want Elive. It looks awsome!

Here is the code from what I can remember.

"Statues: {DRDY ERR}
Error: {UNC}
Exception Emask
BMDMA Stat 0x24
CBD C8/00: 08..."

So any help would be appreciated!
Re: Error at Boot Up
August 12, 2009 04:48PM

First, check the MD5 of your iso.

Elive boots despite this error or not ?
Re: Error at Boot Up
August 13, 2009 09:30AM
I had that checked. I downloaded this one. Elive_1.9.39_unstable.iso I'm going to buy Elive if I can get this to work or what ever. I guess I put this in the wrong section because I try to boot up in live mode and this happens. I would really like to use this Linux distro.
Re: Error at Boot Up
August 13, 2009 04:55PM
It seems like a cd drive problem. Can you test your cd with an other computer ?
Re: Error at Boot Up
August 14, 2009 08:57AM
I thought the same thing. But It reads Xp and Vista Disks just fine. I can install a few linux distros but the majority of them give me the same problem as listed.
Re: Error at Boot Up
August 22, 2009 12:14AM
What are the distrib you can install ?