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1.9.48 unstable.iso (fixed)

Posted by martinwprior 
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1.9.48 unstable.iso (fixed)
October 06, 2009 01:53PM
ok the problem was that on my desktop system I have an onboard soundcard that I disabled as other distros can not find it. In its place I have the Ess tech plug-in card.

For whatever reason Elive is not finding the Ess Tech card. I enabled the onboard card of my MSI K9N6GM mother board , Realtek ALC883, and it is correctly found by elive.


I have burned the distro a to a cd and ran it on my HP Compaq nx6125 laptop. No real problems, except no netwrking, but this was reconised by the system and came up with somethin about the Broadcom dirver. It gave the oportunity to use ndiswrapper, but i chose not to bother.

I then tried to run on my desktop system and here we were not so fortunate. It booted up ok, but I have no sound. My card is the ESS Technology ESS1988 Allegro which uses the Maestro3 driver.

running lspci shows the card and lsmod shows the driver is loaded.

I did try the epanel sound configurator but this appears to be disabled?

Ithen ran asla conf and this appeared to do its thing and located the card and driver etc. However still no sound.

I tried to run the volume control and it does not run, but I get the error "No Volume control gstreamer plugins and/or devices found."

This is the first version of Elive that has not run correctly on my desktop system.


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