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elive LiveCD languages

Posted by computerophil 
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elive LiveCD languages
October 22, 2009 05:44PM
I was reading about elive and was happy to see that there is in the forum a Live mode section, which explained to me that elive also works from liveCD.
What I missed and couldn't find up to now was a description that tells me which languages are offered by elive.
I am mainly interested in German, Italian and Spanish but also other European languages.
For me interesting would be the desktop, but also the browser and the office-programs,..

I do recommend Linux LiveCDs at my homepage. There are so many that I can't try all by myself.
So the basically information of the languages supported helps to select which ones are tried and recommended.

I do like Debian and especially Knoppix and Knoppix based distros but as Debian from liveCD doesn't support other languages and Knoppix (and most of it's derivates) just English, German (and Spanish) I would be more interested into Italian than everything else.

Thanks for your help

Re: elive LiveCD languages
October 22, 2009 06:28PM

Ja äh... was denn nun? Italienisch bevorzugt oder deutsch oder englisch oder....????

Schieb doch einfach mal ne Elive CD in deinen Rechner. Dann wirst du zuerst mal aufgefordert eine Sprache zu wählen und dabei siehst du auch gleich welche Sprachen prinzipell derzeit verfügbar sind.
Über den Stand deren Übersetzungen/Qualität sagt das natürlich noch nichts aus.


Elive für Einsteiger: [sites.google.com]