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Sound MUCH too loud at boot

Posted by chattrhand 
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Sound MUCH too loud at boot
January 29, 2010 04:41AM
i am actually using ELIVE 1.9.56 live cd on a lenovo R61i laptop.

my problem:
after booting up the live cd the famous elive sound comes, but is much too loud, it would even break the speakers. this is not acceptable if you want to use it in public or want to show ELIVE to interested newcomers.

my solution:
when booting ELIVE, after selection of language you should enter the option "nosound" (without "quotation marks"). then the famous ELIVE sound comes with an acceptable level, so elive can even be used in a public library.

this workaround has been tested on:
Lenovo R61i laptop (an i guess this will work on the rest of Lenovo type laptops)
DELL Latitude C540 (an oldy but goldy)

this workaround is not needed because the sound has an acceptable level on:
Apple MacMini

no sound at all with elive 1.9.56 CD:
Apple iMac (PCLinuxOS is actually the only live-linux i found that works with iMac sound card)

Hope this info will be useful