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wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2

Posted by gs 
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wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 02, 2010 03:41PM
on my Lenovo S10e netbook with bcm4312 wlan, the network connector is no more working with Elive RC1 and Elive RC2.

The story with this broadcom-wlan-chip and elive was as follows:
with the earlier development versions one had to connect to internet with LAN and then produce the wl.ko which is needed for the wl-module and the broadcom-4312 to work.
a few of the latest development versions had the wl-module out of the box and one could connect to the internet with bcm4312 usinsg the network connector.
The RC-versions, in live mode, upon booting, pose the question whether to use the wl-module or not. If wl is chosen, the wlan-chip actually shows in the network connector, but does not connect. Instead, it continues jumping between "search" and "connect".
The only method to get connected to the internet is: do not use network connector, but instead put an entry in /etc/network/interfaces such as

iface eth1 inet dhcp
wireless-mode Managed
wireless-channel x
wireless-essid Fritzbox
wpa-ssid Fritzbox
wpa-psk xxxxxxx

and then, as root, in terminal do

ifconfig eth1 up
dhclient eth1

What happened to the network connector????

Addendum: same problem with RC3

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Re: wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 03, 2010 07:05AM
This problem only happens on live mode, right ?

Do you see more than one interface in net-connector ?
Re: wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 03, 2010 07:09AM
Try to restart some daemons, like /etc/init.d/netconnectord restart
Re: wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 04, 2010 05:54PM
I have now answers:
Using the Elive-2-version, in live mode network connector does not work with my bcm4312 chip.
The interfaces eth0 and eth1 (wlan) are shown, but netconnector does not connect with my router.

If I try, as you suggest, /etc/init.d/netconnectord restart, still no connection.

With a fresh install to harddisk, netconnector does not show any interfaces, but suggests to do /etc/init.d/netconnectord start, which does not give a positive result.

I then rebootet the installed Elive-2 and after this reboot, I saw the two interfaces, eth0 and eth1, and the connection to my router was performed automatically
So everything is ok in installed mode, but not in live mode
Re: wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 04, 2010 09:15PM
Can you do more tests in live mode in order to know "which" commands is needed to play for to have it correctly working ? so i will add them in the live mode by default

I suppose that you will need to do things like reload the kernel modules too, it should do the trick on that way.

Which option you select when asks about the wifi thing in the boot ? One of these options does that (so that you can have an example of commands and modules to load/unload there):

      for black in b43 bcm43xx bcm43legacy ssb
         rmmod $black 2>/dev/null

      rmmod wl 2>/dev/null
      modprobe wl 2>/dev/null
Re: wlan and bcm4312 - new problems with RC1 and RC2
March 07, 2010 04:47AM
during the weekend I had time to look further into the problem with live-mode.
lsmod showed the wl driver loaded, b43 and the others you mentioned were not present.

Interestingly, the netconnector, in live mode - I had not noticed this previouly - already had the entries for my router and passwd, and in /etc/network interfaces-eth1 was already present.
This kept me wondering for a while. The solution was that for one reason or another, the live system had read these values from Elive installed in a partition of my harddisk.
So I deleted the installed version and now the live-system behaved as expected. I had to enter router and passd in netconnetcor and was connected to the internet within seconds.

So everything is working in live-mode. The developers must have incluced a script in live-mode to read from an installed version and this disturbed the netconnector to not work properly.

Thank you for answers and your interest.