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US keyboard

Posted by molen 
US keyboard
March 06, 2010 08:48PM
I was testing Elive 2.0 in the live mode. I filled in dutch as language and got the querty keyboard. With this keyboard I could not type @. How can I switch to the us keyboard so this problem will be solved?
Re: US keyboard
March 10, 2010 03:35AM
Go in E Setting panel. Chose keymap (layout) you need. Or load Module Language and set it there.

Asus EeePC 1000H [Elive 2.0 Topaz]
Toshiba Satellite p10-802 -ATI video, ATI chipset, RealTech audio- [Elive 2.0 Topaz]
I hate ATI... but I love Elive. It work with ATI with no problem.
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