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Problem to boot elive 2.0

Posted by neo67 
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Problem to boot elive 2.0
March 06, 2010 10:35PM
Hi all,

I try to boot the elive 2.0 Live CD at a Sony Vaio. In the past I have had several problems booting debian or gentoo based distribution at this laptop.
The only one up to now is the actually the current Sidux distribution, which find the image on /dev/sr0. IMHO is this normally a usb device...However, which is the correct grup option at the grub start command, that elive search at /dev/sr0?

Thanks for some information.

Re: Problem to boot elive 2.0
March 10, 2010 07:05AM
Better try to fix it in realtime. Welcome to #elive channel at IRC chat. And ask there.

Asus EeePC 1000H [Elive 2.0 Topaz]
Toshiba Satellite p10-802 -ATI video, ATI chipset, RealTech audio- [Elive 2.0 Topaz]
I hate ATI... but I love Elive. It work with ATI with no problem.
Re: Problem to boot elive 2.0
March 25, 2011 08:34AM
elive 2 installed(paid for) on my hd, boots to login screen, then goes to a black screen and stays there.

Somewhere down the line after installation, updates, my xorg file got messed up. Please help