keeping dual boot
March 16, 2010 05:43PM
Hello everyone. I have been using ubuntu for about 2 years an that is my whole experience with open source so i am still a newbie. A few days ago i downloaded the Elive 2.0 Topaz and i am planning to install it. Before that i would like to get answers for some questions: -can i install over ubuntu and keep the dual boot that ubuntu had with windows? - can i buy the installer before installation (do i have to buy the installer using the computer on wich the elive will be installed -home computer, or can i buy the installer like right now from my office computer and bring the installer home where i will install Elive on my home computer)?
Re: keeping dual boot
March 17, 2010 01:03AM
I multiboot very well Elive+Ubuntu 10.4+Windows XP using now Elive's Grub(0.97 version) but I had to add manually the Ubuntu's entry in the menu.lst file in my case.
I guess once you have your installer-module you can use it wherever you want for installation and keep it on for later reinstalls,but only on the same machine/computer.

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