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special for usb version of Elive & install prob

Posted by LaQuirrELL 
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special for usb version of Elive & install prob
September 24, 2010 10:33PM
I am anxious to try Elive gem, but want to do it right. I am not totally new to linux, but new enouigh to still be nervous. I have a couple of questions.

1] In the How To instructions under Advantages of putting elive on USB

it mentions special for usb version of Elive
I have looked all over your site and cannot find this SPECIAL VERSION
Where would I get it?

2] I downloaded the elive stable, checked my md5 sum, it was good.
I proceeded to format usb drive and install elive on usb as per instructions for Linux mode.
opened a terminal as root in /media/
grub-install --recheck --no-floppy --root-directory=/media/SNG800 /dev/sdd
It returned the error:
WARNING! You are trying to invoke the unsupported grub-install script
with a parameter. To really do this, call grub-install.unsupported.
You should rather call "yast2 bootloader" or create configuration files appropriate for the intended target.
The distro I am currently using is openSuse 11.2.
IN the Linux mode instructs it says "It is recommended to do this from an Elive system and specially the same version that you want to put on the USB, also from the same machine"
I don't have an elive system, but I am trying to get one.
Please help
Re: special for usb version of Elive & install prob
October 07, 2010 01:24AM
1. Latest stable Elive is Topaz; GEM is old like Windows 2000 is to Windows 7. There might even be little to no wireless support.

2. Thanatermesis has two entries, method one and method two. This second method worked for me. And you're in SUSE, did you try what it suggested: usng the command grub-install.unsupported instead of plain grub-install?

Yet another method did not need the USB. Well I used it only to hold the ISO which I dd'ed to an empty partition. (It will say the size is the full partition and not the actual ISO size). Then I used gujin which can 'sniff' out ISOs and kernel images no matter where they are on your hard drive, and list them menu-style, so you can choose. The one you're after would be listed as El Torito, a bootable CD in other words.gujin will also detect your SUSE, so you lose nothing except that partition that thinks it's maxed out. Hope this helps.

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